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It was another amazing WordPress Meetup.

In this second meetup of the series Sajid Javed told about "what plugin you should develop? ".

Everybody shared theirs idea about plugins and explored WordPress more.

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Dragon Age Origins – Gameplay|Walkthrough – Dwarf Rogue Duelist Assassin – #4 Ostagar


Hey guys and welcome to Episode 4 of our Dragon Age Origins Walkthrough. In today’s episode we will be venturing into Ostagar to meet King Cailan and explore the Korcari Wilds.

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Meeting King Cailan

A cut-scene will ensue where you are greeted by King Cailan. King Cailan is the current king of Ferelden. He wears a massively golden armor which your character can also wear later on in the game. King Cailan is a very pleasant man so be nice to him.

After the scene, you will be given the quest – Joining the Grey Wardens. Duncan will then leave you to explore Ostagar. After this cut-scene, my character leveled up to 3 so for the stats I decided to add 2 to strength and 1 to dexterity.

Level 3

I put two in strength because I want to be able to put it up to 20 as soon as possible and also to wear armors I pick up early in the game. For the talent, I learned Dual-Weapon Finesse which would give me a bonus to attack and defense when wielding two weapons.

Before crossing the bridge, head back to the forest in the East. Grab an Elfroot to your right. Farther south from here are 2 sacks. Head southeast for 2 more Elfroots and a chest. After looting everything, head back across the bridge to the main camp.

Wynne and The Tranquil

In the main camp to your right is Wynne. Talk to her if you want to learn more about the Darkspawn. After talking to her, you will be given 2 new Codex’s – The Fade and Wynn. Further north of Wynn is a Tranquil whom you can talk to to learn more about enchantments plus the codex The Tranquil.

Daveth and The Quartermaster

Across the Tranquil to the west is the Quartermaster and Daveth, one of your temporary companions later on. Talk to Daveth or the Quartermaster if you want to view his wares. Don’t forget to buy the Backpack as it will be very helpful later on when you travel and want to bring every loot back with you to sell. Also take note, this is very important as I myself forgot to do it, after The Joining you can buy another Backpack from the Quartermaster.

There’s a chest to the left which you can loot for a weapon. Move up the ramp to the west and near the statue is a scroll from which you can obtain Codex 066: The Chant of Light: The Blight. Ser Jory will be on the right of the scroll, talk to him if you want. To the north from the scroll is a prisoner in a cage.

The Hungry Deserter

He will ask for some food and water. Help him out to gain the quest The Hungry Deserter. Ask the guard beside the cage for his meal. Persuade the guard to give his meal to the prisoner. If you can’t persuade him, the other option is to pay him 10 silver.

Go back to the prisoner and give him the food and water to receive Key to the Mage’s Chest found at the spot where the Tranquil was. It is only accessible at night time when The Tranquil is not around. There’s also a chest to your left which you can loot for an armor.

The Elven Messenger

Head south from here to get an Elfroot. Head east and find an Elven Messenger, he will be conversing with two guys and their Mabaris. Follow him near a tent and talk to him. Lie and say that you are the one he is supposed to give Ser Garlen’s Sword to. Just for fun and additional info, you can talk to and persuade the King’s and Loghain’s men to give you information about both of them.

The Kennel Master and his Mabari

If you are not a Human Noble, like this Dwarf for example, you can talk to the Kennel Master who can easily be found near the kennels in the middle of the camp. Offer to help him find a cure for the sick Mabari to gain the quest The Mabari Hound.

At the southern end of the camp is a chest near the training recruits plus two sacks to the east. Now that we’ve explored most of Ostagar, we can now go north and up the ramp past the Quartermaster. To the left will be a chest containing a Small Shield and to the right will be Alistair.


Speak to Alistair and after the dialogue with a mage, he will join the party. To the left will be a chest which contains a Novice Flame Rune and a Novice Slow Rune plus a random item or gold. Return to Duncan who is in the middle of the camp near the bonfire. Engage in the conversation to begin the quests Tainted Blood and The Grey Wardens’ Cache.

Ser Jory and Daveth will then join the party. Before heading out to the Korcari Wilds, make sure Ser Jory and Daveth are properly equipped to ensure smooth sailing.

That’s it for Episode 4. Thanks for watching our Dragon Age Origins Walkthrough. Stay tuned for more episodes and don’t forget to hit the like button if you liked this walkthrough or hit subscribe for more videos.

See you in Episode 5 for our hike through the Korcari Wilds.

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