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It was another amazing WordPress Meetup.

In this second meetup of the series Sajid Javed told about "what plugin you should develop? ".

Everybody shared theirs idea about plugins and explored WordPress more.

The Deep Roads, Dwarf, Dragon Age Origins, Dwarf Assassin, Rogue Dwarf Duelist Assassin, Duelist, Assassin, Gameplay, Walkthrough

Dragon Age Origins – Gameplay|Walkthroughs – Dwarf Rogue Duelist Assassin – The Deep Roads

The Deep Roads

Hey guys and welcome back to Notes on Hobbies.

This is our looking back series of Dragon Age Origins. In our previous episode, we were given a brief glimpse of Orzammar. We went through and won the Proving and made our first political agenda against Lord Dace. Read the full Episode 2 transcript here and watch the YouTube video here.

In today’s episode we will be walking through the Deep Roads. Watch the full YouTube video at the bottom of the page.

In this cut-scene, your father asks you on a special mission to get the shield of the Paragon Aeducan while in the Deep Roads. Immediately after, head west through the crack in the wall and kill the Giant Spider that comes slinging down from the top. Moving forward, you will encounter two Genlocks. Take care of them easily and always remember to use your skills especially Dirty Fighting. Check the Dwarf Corpse on the right. Head west and meet with Frandlin Ivo who will then join the party.

Head southeast where you will face off with some Genlocks. Beware of a trap just a few feet before you meet them and there will also be a few more in this area. Don’t forget to open the wooden crate and chest behind the rocks close to the fire pit. Head south again and find the scout who will also join your party. He will be your first ranged party member so use him well.

Go west and follow the tunnels until it leads you to the Ruined Thaig where you will face off with more Darkspawn led by a Genlock Alpha. Just be wary of the traps though and disarm them when possible. At this stage of the game, not a lot of tactics is necessary but you can always play it seriously and micro-manage all your party members. Check the chest in this area and enter the Thaig. FYI, a thaig is a dwarven term for underground settlements.

Upon entering the Thaig, you will see all the Darkspawns have been dropped dead by someone else.  Cross the bridge and you will find mercenaries who were paid to kill you. Fight them and loot the Aeducan Signet Ring from the Captain. The strategy here is to retreat back to the other side of the bridge so you can pick them off one by one instead of being surrounded. Check the chest and barrel to the left and dwarf corpse and barrel of ballista bolts ahead.

Load the Battered Ballista and check the Charred Corpse then fire the ballista to knock the wall down. This will be a shortcut back to the crossroads where you will need to go after you get the Aeducan Shield. Kill the Deep Stalkers and their leader that come out from the other side of the wall. Get ready to enter the Thaig Chamber.

The Thaig Chamber

The Deep Roads, Dwarf, Dragon Age Origins, Dwarf Assassin, Rogue Dwarf Duelist Assassin, Duelist, Assassin, Gameplay, Walkthrough

Once inside the chamber move closer to the sarcophagus and take a closer look at the tiles on the floor. Three of these tiles will be different from the rest. You must make the three other members of your party stand on these three tiles simultaneously. To do this, press H on the keyboard or press the icon on the bottom of the thumbnail of your fourth party member.

Once all three members are on top of one of the special tiles, click on the sarcophagus and press the signet ring on the indentation to open the sarcophagus and loot the Aeducan Shield. Get out of the Thaig chamber and back to the crossroads using the shortcut you just opened on the wall using the ballista. On your way out of the chamber, there will be more darkspawn waiting. Easily dispose of them.

I leveled up to level 2 after this fight so I added 1 point to strength and 2 points to dexterity. I then learned the skill Improved Combat Training and the talent Flurry from the Dual Weapon tree. On the way back to the Crossroads, Gorim warns you that the crossroads could be the perfect place for an ambush. Head north and once you reach the crossroads, you will see Trian and his men are dead and a cut-scene will ensue.

Bhelen will then be rushing with your father and claims that you killed Trian. Your two companions aside from Gorim will swear by that you killed Trian as well. Seeing that Gorim is loyal to you, he cannot be a witness. You will be imprisoned and await judgment from the Assembly. Whatever you do, you can’t get out of this mess. You will be condemned to fight the Darkspawn in the Deep Roads. Gorim tells you this and gives you an option out – to meet with Duncan and the Grey Wardens and escape the Deep Roads with them.


Upon exile, head southeast into the Deep Roads Outskirts. Kill the Giant Spider that you will first encounter. Grab the loot from the corpse to your left and equip them.
The only sad thing here is that you will be walking barefoot for some time. Further east are more Genlocks which you can easily dispose of. Loot the Dead Dwarf and turn around to find a wooden crate and a chest. Move south and turn to the west at the crossing where you can kill some Deep Stalkers and loot the skeleton close by. Go east and defeat another Giant Spider and loot the Darkspawn Corpse beside it.

Head south to defeat more Darkspawn while dodging the traps. Loot the Dead Dwarf for a Superior Dwarven Guard Armor then head east. Defeat more Deep Stalkers and their leader. Check the Dwarf Corpse and Dead Dwarf then turn back west to find Duncan and the some recruits where he will bring you to Ostagar.

So that’s Episode 3. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to like if you liked this video and hit subscribe to see more gameplay/walkthrough for Dragon Age Origins.

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