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It was another amazing WordPress Meetup.

In this second meetup of the series Sajid Javed told about "what plugin you should develop? ".

Everybody shared theirs idea about plugins and explored WordPress more.

Dragon Age Origins – Gameplay|Walkthroughs – Dwarf Rogue Duelist Assassin – Character Creation

Looking Back at Dragon Age Origins – Gameplay Walkthrough Tips and Tricks Noble Dwarf Rogue Duelist Assassin Episode 1

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  • Hey everyone and welcome to Notes on Hobbies. Today we will be playing Dragon Age Origins. For this gameplay/walkthrough tips and tricks episode, we will be looking at creating our character – the noble dwarf rogue duelist assassin.
  • So let’s get things started. So why a Noble Dwarf Rogue Duelist Assassin?
  • A rogue because the damage per second or DPS you get from a dual-wielding backstabbing rogue is one of the highest when it comes to melee DPS.
  • A duelist because it is the most obvious specialization if you’re going to dual-wield two daggers.
  • An assassin because of the passive skills an assassin can give you which will compliment well with your backstabbing skills and add more DPS.
  • A dwarf because dwarves get +1 STR, +1 DEX, and +2 CON. Not that the CON is highly valuable for this build but it is better than choosing a human which will get +1 MAG which you don’t need cause you’re a rogue. Just be careful though, racists exists in this game and dwarves aren’t at the top of the food chain.
  • Another thing to note with dwarves is that they get a +10% spell resistance which is very important against those pesky mages.
  • A noble because you will get Combat Training instead of Stealing as your first skill which is very important in the early game.
  • A noble also gives you more cash throughout the game than any other origin plus you will be from a noble caste which is always cool.
  • So now let’s take a look at our attributes. Before we get into how many points you should put into each one, let’s take a look at them first.


• Increases damage from all weapons except crossbows, bows, and staves
• Increases attack score in melee combat by 0.5 for each point purchased
• Prerequisite for most weapon talents and higher-level armor and weapons
• Contributes to physical resistance and intimidation

Strength for this build isn’t as important as cunning when you consider DPS.

Later on in the game you will acquire the skill called Lethality which will use your cunning instead of strength to increase damage.

Only upgrade strength up to 20 in order to wear the best Light Armor in the game.

Eventhough STR contributes to physical resistance, so does DEX and DEX is much more important in this build because it is also a prerequisite to most talents.


• Increases attack score in melee combat by 0.5 for each point purchased
• Increases attack score in ranged combat by 1 for each point purchased
• Increases defense by 1 for each point purchased
• Increases damage from piercing weapons (bows and crossbows)
• Prerequisite for some weapon talents
• Contributes to physical resistance

  • One of your most important talents for this build is Evasion and it needs at least 35 DEX not to mention Dual Weapon Mastery which requires 36 DEX.
  • You will need to raise DEX first as CUN won’t be useful until after level 8 and beyond.


• Increases mana or stamina by 5 for each point purchased
• Contributes to mental resistance


• Increases health by 5 for each point purchased
• Contributes to physical resistance

  • Willpower and Constitution are not so important in this build but they have their own purpose.
  • Willpower = more stamina
  • Constitution = more health
  • Unfortunately, you can’t have them all. If you invest points into WILL and CON, you will be missing out on the DPS which is what this build is all about.


• Increases spellpower by 1 for each point purchased
• Increases effectiveness of potions, poultices, and salves
• Prerequisite for higher-level staves and many spells
• Contributes to mental resistance

  • Magic is your Kryptonite, so never have something with you that makes you weak. That means there’s no use for MAG in this build.

Now we look at the most important attribute for the build – Cunning.


• Increases effectiveness of rogue talents
• Prerequisite for many skills
• Contributes to armor penetration, mental resistance, and persuasion

  • Some of this build’s important abilities like Exploit Weakness and Riposte use CUN in their calculations.
  • Skills
  • Let’s take a look at what starting skills we should have.
  • Rogues have the privilege of gaining a skill every 2 levels instead of every 3 like everyone else. This means that you would have gained 13 skills points by level 20 not including the ones from tomes.
  • The first one and the most important is Combat Training. Basically, Combat Training is a prerequisite for higher tier weapon talents which is vital for this build.
  • Spend your first skill point here to have at least Improved Combat Training. You will also need to reach Expert Combat Training by level 6 and Master Combat Training by level 9.
  • The next skill we will use is Coercion. Only the warden – meaning your character can have this skill so for me it is the next choice.
  • It opens up more options during dialogues and just makes the playthrough easier especially in the beginning with the extra rewards within your reach.
  • Talents
  • Now, for the talents.
  • The first and obvious choice is Dirty Fighting. This is the most obvious as you don’t have a choice because it’s already selected for you and you cannot deselect it.
  • Dirty fighting stuns a target for a short duration.
  • As you can see you have two talent points available for you in the beginning.
  • Use these two points on Dual Weapon Sweep and Dual Weapon Training.
  • Dual Weapon Sweep gives you an extra damage for your stamina in the early games.
  • Dual Weapon Training makes you more proficient with using two weapons, making the off-hand weapon deal closer to normal damage bonus.
  • All right, that’s it for this Episode. Watch Episode 2 on how we walkthrough the origin story of a Noble Dwarf.
  • Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed this Episode.
  • Don’t forget to hit the like button if you liked this video and if you want to see more gameplays/walkthroughs please feel free to subscribe to this channel.

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