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It was another amazing WordPress Meetup.

In this second meetup of the series Sajid Javed told about "what plugin you should develop? ".

Everybody shared theirs idea about plugins and explored WordPress more.

Dragon Age Origins – Gameplay|Walkthrough – Dwarf Rogue Duelist Assassin – #5 Korcari Wilds

The Korcari Wilds

Welcome back to our Dragon Age Origins Walkthrough. For today’s episode we go out into the wilds, the Korcari Wilds.

Watch the YouTube video here: #5 The Korcari Wilds

After entering the Wilds, straight ahead is a pack of wolves. Before you head straight into these wolves, make sure you’ve properly checked and equipped your party with better weapons and armors. Kill the wolves and go straight to find Missionary Jogby.

Take the letter from him to begin the quest The Missionary and receive CODEX 313: Letter to Jogby. After picking up the letter go left and you will find a dying soldier. You can do whatever you want with him but I chose to bandage him up before sending him back to camp.

Wilds Flower

Wilds Flower, Dwarf, Dragon Age Origins, Dwarf Assassin, Rogue Dwarf Duelist Assassin, Duelist, Assassin, Gameplay, Walkthrough, Korcari Wilds

Follow the road south to find a Wilds Flower which you will need for the quest The Mabari Hound. If you have not picked up the quest before you picked up the flower, Daveth will give you a heads up that the Kennel Master is offering a reward for one of those.

Further south of the map is a group of Darkspawn. Get rid of them and head west. Here, there will be a camp with a lot of Darkspawn. This will be a tough battle so make sure to stay on top of your party’s health and use Health Poultice’s.

After the battle, open the chest at the side of one of the tents and grab the Small Shield, Mud Idol which gives you a +10% Cold Resistance, and Rigby’s Field Journal giving you the CODEX 316: Signs of the Chasind.

Chasind Trail Signs

Chasind trail sign, Dwarf, Dragon Age Origins, Dwarf Assassin, Rogue Dwarf Duelist Assassin, Duelist, Assassin, Gameplay, Walkthrough, Korcari Wilds

Further south of the camp is a Chasind Trail Sign which you can activate and hear a distinguished sound. Go back north on top of the hill to find another sign and activate it.

Go back south of the camp and you will find an Elfroot and some Genlocks and Archers. Dispose of them and head southeast to find another Chasind Trail Sign. Remember to always hold the Tab button ON to see where the Trail Signs are.

Once you get close to this sign, four Genlock Rogues will appear. Further southeast is another sign so don’t miss it. To the east of this sign will be a stone bridge. Cross it and be prepared to face off with some wolves and an Alpha Wolf.

Near the two statues is an Iron Chest which you can open for a Chasind Flatblade and A Letter. The Chasind Flatblade is a Two-handed Greatsword with 12.19 damage plus 1% melee critical chance and armor penetration. CODEX 314: Farewell letter to Jogby will then be available and the quest The Missionary will now be complete. Side note: You can also give the Chasind Flatblade to Jory.

Go back to the stone bridges and from there go north of the map. There will be an elfroot to the left of the path and a tree bridging two hills will be in the horizon. On the tree will be three dead hung men.

Go towards the hill to the right and face off with some darkspawns. There will be another Chasind Trail Sign on top of this hill. Activate it and grab what’s inside the three Wooden Crates and Chest.

Missionary Rigby

Missionary Rigby, Dwarf, Dragon Age Origins, Dwarf Assassin, Rogue Dwarf Duelist Assassin, Duelist, Assassin, Gameplay, Walkthrough, Korcari Wilds

To the Northeast of this hill will be a pack of wolves fighting with the Darkspawn. Get rid of them and find the body of Missionary Rigby. Loot his corpse for Rigby’s Last Will and Testament. You will then be given the quest Last Will and Testament and CODEX 315: Rigby’s Last Will and Testament. There is also a chest which a rogue can unlock just past the body.

Go back West and find that you are now back to where you started. Go back to the Darkspawn camp you raided earlier and find that you can now see the hidden cache in the firepit. You will have two options but choose to “Take the lockbox and bring to Jetta” option.

Make your way to the southeastern side of the map again until you approach a small wooden bridge with a Hurlock Emissary in the middle of it. Venture forward and defeat the Darkspawn but be careful of the traps on the bridge and right after it. Also there will be Genlock Rogues appearing just before you enter the bridge.

After you’re done with them, make sure to active the Chasind Trail Sign which was to the right just before the bridge. Loot the Dead Soldier for the Pouch of Ashes and Excerpt from Local Myths and Legends. You will then receive the CODEX 312: A Pinch of Ashes.

From the bridge, head east until you find a campfire. Genlock Rogues will be popping out so watch out for them. If you’ve activated all the Chasind Trail Signs then there should be a chest inside the camp. I missed one so I had to find it first.

I finally found it after some exploring. It was to the south of the body of Rigby. After I activated it, I came back to the campfire and opened the Chasind Cache which is at the end of one of the logs.

One tip I found out during this time was that you can use your characters to explore any area you want by having them hold their positions and have each of them go in all directions and if the thing you’re looking for is not there, just switch on to your other character until you find it and then press H again to let them move freely and they will teleport directly in the area you are standing in.

Anyway, the Chasind Cache is full of treasures that you would not want to miss this early in the game. Loot everything as you do always.


Gazarath, Dwarf, Dragon Age Origins, Dwarf Assassin, Rogue Dwarf Duelist Assassin, Duelist, Assassin, Gameplay, Walkthrough, Korcari Wilds

To the north of the campfire is a Pile of Rocks on top of a hill and a Deathroot just beside it. Touch the rocks and choose “Sprinkle more ash on the pile of stones”. This will summon Gazarath from behind you. Easily kill him.

From here, move west then north once you reach a clearing. More Darkspawn will be here guarding a ruin. Kill them, go inside the ruin and have a chat with Morrigan. A cut-scene will follow and you will be taken to Flemeth’s hut. Flemeth is Morrigan’s so called mother.

After the chat with Flemeth, Morrigan will then take you back to Ostagar.

That’s it for Episode 5, The Korcari Wilds. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to hit the like button if you liked this walkthrough or subscribe to see more videos of Dragon Age Origins.

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