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It was another amazing WordPress Meetup.

In this second meetup of the series Sajid Javed told about "what plugin you should develop? ".

Everybody shared theirs idea about plugins and explored WordPress more.

Dragon Age Origins Noble Dwarf Origin Story

Dragon Age Origins – Gameplay|Walkthroughs – Dwarf Rogue Duelist Assassin – Noble Dwarf Origin Story

Hey guys and welcome back to Notes On Hobbies.

Today we are going to walk through the Noble Dwarf Origin Story but before that, let’s take a look at what happened in Episode 1.

Watch the video here on YouTube

We created our character for this gameplay walkthrough which is a Dwarf Rogue. Let’s get Episode 2 started.

The first person you encounter in the Noble Dwarf Origin Story is Gorim – your second/right hand man.

Speak with him and tell him you’d like to wear your shield. After the conversation, you will have two options – to go and fight in the Proving and check the merchants out in the Diamond Quarter or you can proceed with the ceremony of being appointed as Commander.

Let’s go with fighting in the Proving Grounds but first let’s check the vanity, chest, and crystal which I forgot to check for Codex 138: The City of Orzammar.

Oh, and one more thing I forgot is the Bust of King Endrin which gives you Codex 171: King Endrin Aeducan.

Get out of your room, turn left, and then right. Enter Bhelen’s room, which is going to be the first door on your right. Bhelen is the youngest of you three Aeducan brothers.

On your way into his room you will see his mistress come out and then back in. Follow her into the room and open the chest  and the armoire to get the Dwarven Merchant’s Belt in the latter.

There will also be a letter in this room which will yield Codex 232: A letter from Rica which I totally missed.

Move out of the room and turn right  and then head southeast through the long corridor where it will bring you to the main palace hall.

In the main hall, there will be three doors. The door to the east will be locked. The door to the north will be the Throne Room which we will get into later.

The door to the south brings you to the Diamond Quarter. Outside the palace immediately to your right you will see two dwarves arguing about historic truth.

You can choose to help either one of them and either choice will affect your gameplay. You will still get a reward for as long as you ask for it.

You can also get the other one killed if that is your kind of solution. I sided with the Scholar Gertek and had Bruntin Vollney killed.

Feel free to wander around the marketplace. You can buy stuff from the vendors here and find your two brothers Trian and Bhelen where a dialogue will be initiated with Trian asking you to go and attend the feast with your father. You can be a jerk and piss him off or be a nice and loving brother that you are.

Further down will be two “noble hunter” women whom you can interact with and have some fun on the side. After you’ve had a good time, don’t forget to loot the three barrels to their right.

Find the weapons merchant further south of the map and talk to him. He tells you of a special dagger he crafted for you on your big day. Accept the gift for a decent Noble’s Dagger with decent DPS and magical electricity damage. Or you can kill him for his insolence and get nothing. Whichever suits you best.

Once you are finished with the market area, speak to the Royal Escort your father demanded you have to bring you to the Proving Ground. Talk to the Proving Master and choose to fight to gain more experience.

You will need to win four matches in a row and get rewarded with the Proving Helm. The matches are quite easy and you will gain experience for each fight as well.

After The Proving, go back to the Royal Palace and enter the Throne Room we mentioned earlier which is just directly north of the main entrance.

Speak with Lord Ronous Dace and you can choose to either help him or not. Talk to Lady Helmi who fills you in about Lord Dace’s scheme. What Lady Helmi tells you will make sense proving that Lord Dace is just playing you out.

Dragon Age Origins Noble Dwarf Origin Story

Dragon Age Origins Noble Dwarf Origin Story

Speak with Lord Dace again and call him out regarding his plans then when he tries to leave, stop him to trigger an Honor Proving.

This will automatically  move you to the proving ground to fight Mandar Dace, Lord Dace’s Son. Defeat Mandar and leave Lord Dace a broken man.

After the honor proving, talk to your father to start the ceremony in your honor. After the ceremony, your father will ask you to find your brother Trian. I also forgot, you can talk to Duncan first before talking to your father to get a few codex updates.

If you’ve already been to the Proving Grounds, Trian will be in his room. His room is the one nearest yours to your left. There will be a Royal Guard just outside it.

In Trian’s room will be  a Chest and his journal for Codex 223: Trian’s Journal, you will need to get them first before initiating a conversation with Trian.

Speak with Trian just to get insulted and then you will be left to chat with Bhelen who warns you that Trian plots to kill you because he sees you as a threat to his taking the throne.

You can either have Trian killed or wait and see what he does or even refuse to fight him. All choices lead to a similar outcome so you can choose what appeals to you most.

This will then lead to a cut-scene where you enter the Deep Roads and gain the quest A Noble Expedition.

That’s it for Episode 2 guys. Thanks for watching and see you in Episode 3 where we venture into the Deep Roads.

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