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3 months 2 weeks ago

It was another amazing WordPress Meetup.

In this second meetup of the series Sajid Javed told about "what plugin you should develop? ".

Everybody shared theirs idea about plugins and explored WordPress more.

Dream Legends Beta Review

Dream Legends

I often ask myself a question: Is it alright to review a game, any game which is still in alpha or beta? Well, the thing is it depends on why you’d want to do a review in the first place. If you want to share awareness of something you believe is awesome then go right ahead.

I got early access to Dream Legends through Betabound.

Read on or watch the Review Video on YouTube here:

Dream Legends is a mobile game developed by Mutate – a young company based in Sweden which was founded back in 2014.dream legends beta review, mutate

My first impression of the game is that it is not like your average mobile game. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is functional. Everything you do has a purpose although repetitive in nature like many mobile games.


Dream Legends was not made overnight by some wannabe 8-year old. Just the intro to this game lets you know that it is made up of hard work, passion, and dedication. Dream Legends is a game you’d want to take your time playing because the beauty of seeing the details in Dream Legends are enough for you to get hooked. The icons for your powers are detailed and presents the power that they yield when you use them.

The icons for your powers are detailed and presents the power that they yield when you use them.

All the texts and readable characters in the game can be easily viewed and you don’t need to wear your reading glasses anymore. You can clearly understand that you are in their world, a fantasy/dream world.

Speaking of graphics, the color in Dream Legends is fantastic. They are appropriate for the game and they are not too bright, too colorful, nor dull. The visual effects are in-tune with the powers you and your enemies are using.

There is minimal interaction with the environment like when a certain enemy throws a lava-like power on the ground and if you step on the affected area, your hit points will decrease.

Overall graphics for me is very good especially coming from someone who plays a lot of PC games with high-end graphics.


The sounds in Dream Legends can really get you in the mood of playing it. It’s not just another cheap midi file that they play in the background, it is actually real music and weather sound effects as well.

I just love the sound effects that come with every kill, every slash of your weapon, and every power you unleash. They blend so well with the gameplay that you can feel yourself unleashing these powers.

The favorite music that I like to hear every time is the one they play after a victory. It can really get you going.Dream Legends Victory Banner


I have to admit, for a beta, Dream Legends looks finished already. The replayability of the game is alright as every time you go up a level, a new monster with new skills, powers, and different fighting styles are introduced.

The game starts with a tutorial which is very handy because this is not your usual kind of game. I just can’t remember if they also told you the background story of why you are doing things in the first place.

The ultimate goal of the game is to defend your “tower” or pool of energy from the enemies approaching it. Every time a monster touches the pool, the life of it is sucked out and if they deplete it, you will lose. Another way of defeat is to lose all your hit points which start at 100

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to kill all the monsters before they get to your pool of power. These monsters spawn in two different areas from the top of the map. The map is somehow divided by structures in the middle.

I am currently in the middle stages but they are already challenging. The spells your warrior has can be classified into three main categories. One of them has the green gem category, the sword category, and the scroll (which has fire powers). Each category has a weakness and the cycle of weakness goes around in a circle.

The green gem is weak against the fire scroll, the fire scroll is weak against the sword, and the sword is weak against the green gem. You play through the game by managing the spells you carry in each round in the campaign or challenge mode – the two modes of play at the moment. The type of creatures in each stage or challenge changes so you have to adjust accordingly. The campaign has up to 72 stages right now but I believe there will be more.

The Reward System includes abilities to level-up your spells or skills, gems, and gold.


Overall I believe Dream Legends is ripe for release. Maybe a few bugs here and there which to honestly tell you, I have not encountered a lot. The game might have crashed twice on me (probably my mistake because I did not update the game as soon as they released an update for it) and that’s it, nothing major that I experienced.

Dream Legends Micro Transactions

Micro Transactions in-game

It has micro-transactions as well but you can live without it and I believe that holds the true value of a game – to be able to play it freely or one-off payment and not needing to buy stuff with real money just to complete a quest.

There’s also more coming in like Social and Clans.dream legends beta review

To the developers, thank you for sharing this game early on in beta and for the experience of trying it out before release.

I will definitely follow-up Dream Legends once it is released on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for Android.

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