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It was another amazing WordPress Meetup.

In this second meetup of the series Sajid Javed told about "what plugin you should develop? ".

Everybody shared theirs idea about plugins and explored WordPress more.

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XCOM 2 Let’s Play Chapter 3 by Notes on Hobbies

XCOM 2 Chapter 3

The Avenger, the ship we are in, is not yet fully functional. Some of the rooms are still occupied by alien debris because as we now know, we stole this ship from the aliens as they were having a toilet break. They’re only aliens.

So, what do we do with a dirty room? We clean it up. Do we get utility guys/janitors to clean them up?

No. We have engineers to tidy those slime-infested rooms in XCOM 2. Our first task in this chapter involves assigning an Engineer to one of these crowded rooms to get rid of all the waste and in exchange gain some resources along the way.

Remember the engineer we retrieved in the last episode? Engineer Matthew Ryan? Well, this is where we get to make use of his, shall we say, “Engineering” skills to clean up the messy room. I assigned Matthew to begin the excavation and I was informed that the estimated amount of supplies we would get from this project would be in the number of 22. Unfortunately, it would take him 5 days to finish the job.

The Council Member

XCOM, XCOM 2, XCOM Gameplay, XCOM Let's Play, Council Member

The Council Member

Right after assigning Engineer Ryan to the excavation site, we were contacted by one of our previous allies, a member of “The Council”. It was during this call that we realized that “The Council” we once knew is no more and that all of its members, aside from the caller, has sworn allegiance to ADVENT Administration.

The member lets us know that we should be thankful to the resistance operatives that without their intel, I wouldn’t be where I am today. This remaining loyal member also tells us that as of now, the remaining resistance soldiers are somewhat disorganized. He challenged me to organize them before it’s too late.

ADVENT Blacksite

XCOM, XCOM 2, XCOM Gameplay, XCOM Let's Play, Blacksite

The Blacksite Location

He then shows us classified reports of missing civilians from across the globe. It is suspected that the growing number of missing civilians could have been taken to an ADVENT blacksite but its exact location remains unknown. He has tasked me to take charge of the resistance operations around the world by establishing contact with the local cells and bringing them into the fold. Upon the end of the call, Central has requested my presence in the bridge. He said the councilman who just called also told him that the blacksite has been tracked to a specific region.

In order for us to exactly pinpoint the exact location of this blacksite, we need to make contact with the local resistance cell in the region. Central said Dr. Tygan might have an idea of how we can reach out to them without attracting too much attention but unfortunately he’ll need some time to conduct his research.

As of the moment, we need to start making contact with other regions soon if we’re going to build a global resistance and take on ADVENT. New objects have also been added to the list. First one is to research resistance communications, then fly to the blacksite region, and make contact with the local resistance.

Right when I was decided to take on the objectives, a rumor from the resistance in the local region where we are now has brought us reports of activity that we may want to investigate because it rewards us another engineer. We must take note though that we are given six days to investigate this rumor.

The ADVENT Captain’s Body

XCOM, XCOM 2, XCOM Gameplay, XCOM Let's Play, ADVENT Captain

ADVENT Captain’s Autopsy Result

We flew the Avenger to investigate this stockade for 6 days but on the second day, Dr. Tygan reached out to us about his new findings on the ADVENT Captain’s body. The autopsy has revealed the presence of an implant similar to that found inside my head. There’s a slight difference though in terms of the data that was pulled from the captain’s body. The sequence of data shows that the tactical information they were fed were coming from me on how I would process a tactical strategy in any battle.

The good news is that removing me from their network has likely caused significant damage to their system. The bad news is that these data are streamed through a psionic network in large amounts of information. Dr. Tygan’s theory is that ADVENT uses this network to augment the tactical readiness of its troops as well as disseminate orders from its central command. More bad news is that even though the subject is dead, the implant continues to have an effect.

The Skulljack Project

XCOM, XCOM 2, XCOM Gameplay, XCOM Let's Play, Skulljack Project

The Skulljack Project

This leads us to another objective where Dr. Tygan asks us to get an active link meaning hacking a live ADVENT officer. So this new objective is to construct a Proving Ground Facility, complete the Skulljack Project in the Proving ground and then use the Skulljack on an ADVENT Officer.

To get things started, I have tasked Engineer Lily Shen to start building the Proving Ground. The Proving Ground is an experimental workspace where Shen can test and produce new, unique types of ammo, grenades and armor for our soldiers, as well as other specialized tactical items. Next item on the list is to research Resistance Communications and thankfully Dr. Tygan’s got it covered in 7 days.

We went back to the bridge and continued scanning the area we are currently in. After 2 days of scanning, the Alien Debris has been cleared and a Proving Ground can now be built. I started building the Proving Ground for 100 Supplies and 3 Power which will be finished in 14 days. Since Engineer Matthew Ryan is free, I assigned him to supervise in building the Proving Ground making the build time of the facility down to 7 days only.

I go back to the bridge and finish scanning the stockade where I managed to gain another valuable asset in Dr. Steve Thompson, another engineer. I immediately assigned Dr. Thompson to clear the debris in the room adjacent to the Proving Ground.

As I plotted a course back to Sector 13, South Africa, I managed to receive a transmission from the resistance. They have given me Operation Dawn Shriek where I must extract a VIP from ADVENT City – Dr. Tina Green. This mission would not only yield me a scientist but also 105 Intel.

Operation Dawn Shriek

XCOM, XCOM 2, XCOM Gameplay, XCOM Let's Play, Operation Dawn Shriek

Operation Dawn Shriek

For the mission, I sent two new Rookies in Maximillian Weiss and Guile Malakhov. I still have Ranger Corporal Jane Kelly and Squaddie Sharpshooter Wrobel with me. The mission started with a rendezvous with the VIP Dr. Tina Green. The mission was to secure the VIP and extract at extraction point which is about 4 blocks away. The mission went smoothly at first but when I reached the building where the aliens were holed up which interestingly turns out to be the building where we will also be extracted.

Battle ensued and the VIP was extracted. Unfortunately, I lost Jane Kelly in the battle after putting her in the front lines alone and vulnerable. I was able to pick-up and extract her body but she didn’t make it. RIP Jane Kelly, the XCOM team will forever be grateful for all your help.

The mission Operation Dawn Shriek has killed 6 Aliens and was rated GOOD only after the death of Corporal Jane Kelly. The mission was finished in 10/12 turns. Successful shot percentage again fell down to 50%, Average Damage per Attack is at 4.50, Average Enemies Killed per Turn down to 0.60 and cover bonus is very poor at 22.55%.

Rookie Maximillian Weiss Dealt Most Damage and Attacks, Corporal Jane Kelly, may she rest in peace, was most under fire and Dr. Tina Green was moved furthest.


Rookie Maximillian Weis became a Squaddie Ranger and learned Slash. Squaddie Krzysztof Wrobel became and Corporal Sharpshooter and learned Long Watch. Rookie Guile Malakhov became a Squaddie and learned Squadsight as a Sharpshooter.

Join us in Chapter 4 for a brand new Proving Ground built and the Resistance Communications Established.

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