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It was another amazing WordPress Meetup.

In this second meetup of the series Sajid Javed told about "what plugin you should develop? ".

Everybody shared theirs idea about plugins and explored WordPress more.

XCOM 2 Let’s Play Chapter 4 Operation Final Moan

Chapter 4 – Operation Final Moan

Hello Commander! We are currently constructing our Proving Ground and Clearing alien debris in the adjacent room. Immediately taking action by going to the ship bridge, we are faced with a rumor from the resistance about a stadium. Investigating this rumor would help us increase our supplies however it would take 7 days to investigate the area.

After 3 days of scanning the area, I was able to complete the research project on Resistance Communications giving me further advancements in the area. The next projects available for research are Modular Weapons, Hybrid Materials, Resistance Radio, ADVENT Trooper Autopsy, and Sectoid Autopsy. I chose to research Resistance Radio for 6 days because this will give me a wider coverage making it easier to reach some of the outlying regions far off from HQ.

Due to the newly researched Resistance Communications, we now have new regions available for us to contact – West and East Africa. Unlocking Sector 12 or East Africa has gained me access to the blacksite in the region. Before I could infiltrate the blacksite, I need to make contact with the Resistance in the region and with open arms, they accepted our invitation to join the global union against ADVENT after scanning the region for 40 Intel in 3-5 days.

Guerrilla Tactics School

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Guerrilla Tactics School

During the 3-day period of scanning, the team has managed to clear the alien debris in the other room. With the availability of a new room, I set the team to build a new Guerilla Tactics School. I prefer building this over the others because this will give me tactical advantage in the field of battle. This will give additional soldiers to bring into combat and additional skills and benefits for our soldiers. This will cost me 85 supplies, 3 Power, 25 credits monthly upkeep cost, and 14 days to complete the room. To increase building speed, I have assigned Engineer Steve Thompson to shorten the build time to 7 days. Unfortunately, having the room built has resulted in depleting the remaining power and forcing me to build a power plant in the next room that will be available.

After I was able to make contact with the local resistance in East Africa, I was now able to investigate the ADVENT Blacksite. By now, the new resistance I’ve found has added 45 supplies to my resources and I have also made contact with New India. Before I started exploring out east, I first wanted to fully explore Africa. I decided to make contact with West Africa as well but this was the last one I could make contact with unless I upgrade my Resistance Communications again. Contacting West Africa would take 4 days of scanning the area and within a day after scanning, tragedy struck.

Back in South Africa, the first region I explored, a video call was happening between Central and the Resistance Leader there. In the middle of the call, an ADVENT communication with a massive signal was intercepted and it appeared too low. The same guy who always appears on the ADVENT Broadcasts was in it again. This time he was pointing out to those who would acknowledge the truth and he wants the dissidents to end.

Alien Retaliation and Operation Final Moan

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Operation Final Moan

At this point in time, Central already knew that the resistance base was under attack and it was already too late as the communications between us has been compromised. ADVENT has now began attacking the Resistance Base and on Central’s advice, I have tasked a squad to recover survivors and neutralize any aliens left in the area.

In this mission, I sent Squaddie Ranger Maximillian Weiss, Rookie Heidi Johnson, Sniper Corporal Krzysztof Wrobel, and Sniper Squaddie William Guile (previously known as Guile Malakhov. This mission was the first challenging mission in this campaign but we did not lose hope, we did not surrender. Objectives included neutralizing all enemy forces and rescuing at least six civilians.

At the end of the mission, I was faced with a new alien called the Faceless Corpse. It was the largest alien I’ve seen before and it seemed a daunting task to kill it. Fortunately, he came from a distance and was only able to attack at close range. I was fortunate enough to position my soldiers far away from it as possible.

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Faceless Corpse

He came close to Rookie Johnson but it wasn’t able to attack anymore. Ranger Max Weiss was able to fire a shotgun and hit the Faceless Corpse for a whopping 5 damage. Sniper Guile also hit it after with a pistol for 2 damage. I left the finishing touches to Rookie Johnson for a rifle damage of 4.

Mission Complete

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Mission Complete

During the Mission, I was able to stop the ADVENT Retaliation, rescued 7 out of 13 civilians left in the area, killed 9/9 aliens, no soldiers wounded, all in 11 turns of battle.

After Action Report

XCOM 2 Chapter 4 Mission Complete, XCOM, XCOM 2, XCOM 2 Let's Play, Let's Play, XCOM 2 Gameplay, Gameplay

After Action Report

Successful Shot Percentage – 80.00%

Average Damage per Attack – 3.24

Average Enemies Killed Per Turn – 0.64

Average Cover Bonus – 34.55% (New Record)

Dealt Most Damage – Sq. William Guile

Made Most Attacks – Rk. Heidi Johnson

Most Under Fire – Cpl. Krzysztof Wrobel

Moved Furthest – Rk. Heidi Johnson


XCOM 2 Chapter 4 Promotions, XCOM, XCOM 2, XCOM 2 Let's Play, Let's Play, XCOM 2 Gameplay, Gameplay


Sq. Weiss was eligible for promotion to Corporal and I made him learn the Blademaster Skill. Rk. Johnson is now a Squaddie and she became proficient in becoming a Grenadier. Cpl. Wrobel and Sq. Guile did not make eligible for promotions but they did a pretty good job during the mission.

Items Recovered

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Items and Artifacts Recovered

Advanced Expanded Magazine

PCS: Agility (+12 Dodge)


3 ADVENT Trooper Corpse

1 ADVENT Officer Corpse

2 Sectoid Corpse

1 Faceless Corpse (New)

The mission, Operation Final Moan, awarded us with an increased monthly supply rewards across Africa, that’s +19 Supplies every month.

That’s it for Chapter 4, see you on Chapter 5 where we are low on supplies, limited power, maximum contacts reached but still a great amount of hope to fight off the aliens from earth.

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