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It was another amazing WordPress Meetup.

In this second meetup of the series Sajid Javed told about "what plugin you should develop? ".

Everybody shared theirs idea about plugins and explored WordPress more.

Mike Wallagher

Mike Wallagher, Thank You

Who is Mike Wallagher and Why am I thanking him?

As my first post in this blog, I’d like to thank the guy who helped me set-up this blog from scratch – Mike Wallagher. I did not know a lot about hosting and domains before, but guess what, I really never needed an in-depth knowledge about them to start writing my own blog in my own domain, thanks to Mike’s beginner-friendly guide at This is not the only guide/website he’s got up to help you started making your own blog, so let’s take a look at the overview of the whole process.

So how did I even get to his website? Google. Google. Google. I just googled “How to start a blog”. It’s that simple, a very simple phrase, and then Google has his website number one on the list of results. Of course you read the whole site first or skim through the post to check if it is legitimate or another scamming website just trying to get more traffic by using misdirected post titles and keywords. After reading through the website, I started to follow the steps he posted and see where it would get me. I will not go into the details of the whole process as you can have a better look at it on his website. So what you’re going to read next are the things I went through using his guide.

The first thing in order was to choose a blogging platform

Mike recommends using WordPress™ and as a longtime Blogger™ user, I was very happy to make the change since I wasn’t really happy with what blogger was offering me, especially the themes. So here I am not knowing anything about WordPress but just by reading the guide I was able to create an account easily and set it up later as well along with customization.

The second step in the whole process was to find a domain name and a web hosting provider. Buying a domain and hosting was confusing at first but he just explains it like it is, a domain is what people type in the address bar to get to you and a hosting is like a hard drive, where everything contained in your website is stored. He suggested using HostGator to buy the domain and hosting from. He shared a link where it can give you a discount to have your blog started, it’s like a referral link but the discount is really worth it.

So after clicking the link, just follow the instructions and you will  be on your way to choosing a name for your domain. He offers up some tips on how to choose the right name, which I took into consideration. According to Mike, the name must be easy to remember, unique, descriptive, and trustworthy, meaning it should end in either .com, .org, or .net. I initially chose .com of course but made a mistake because I haven’t read his blog before then. I chose and went with the Hatchling hosting plan as he suggested  and I wanted to save money anyway since I’m just starting out.

The next step was to log-in to your new account using the email HostGator sent you. After logging in, was the best part of the guide, the one which I think really helped me the most, where a one-click install of WordPress was located. You follow a few more steps and voila! You are in your blog, ready for customization. The next few steps of the guide are for customizing your blog which is also very important if you want your blog to be sort of unique. Another goodie from this blog post of his are the links on how to improve your blog like bringing in more traffic, and the plugins he uses for his blogs (Thank you so much for this Mike, especially the Yoast SEO plugin, they are all amazing).

There was also an issue I had where I couldn’t access the website at first. Good thing HostGator had a chat function for their customer service. From the chat, I told the representative about my issue, they took a look at it and saw that the domain was not yet registered (this was just hours after buying the domain). They then registered it and after a few minutes my website was up and running. Also, for everybody out there still with doubts about Mike Wallagher, I also emailed him the issue I was facing from following his guide and in just a matter of hours, I received a reply. Even though he is that busy with his blog and all, he still had time to reply to my issue which he later found was already resolved, meaning he took his time to check the issue I had.

One thing is for sure

Mike Wallagher is the guy you want to go to when you want to start a blog/website/online business. And no, he didn’t pay me a single cent to post this praise about him, all he needed to do was be Mike Wallagher and post guides about blogging. So once again, Thank you Mike Wallagher!

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