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It was another amazing WordPress Meetup.

In this second meetup of the series Sajid Javed told about "what plugin you should develop? ".

Everybody shared theirs idea about plugins and explored WordPress more.

5 Great Websites for New Photographers

5 great websites for new photographers

5 Great Websites for New Photographers

Having started to get serious with photography in the past month (I was already passionate about photography before but I never had the resources back then to pursue this hobby), I had to look upon the web for answers to the frequently asked questions
most people new to photography would have. And the web did not disappoint me as I have found a lot of websites to help me out but I chose these 5 Great Websites for New Photographers.


This one is first on my list as I have already discovered this website years ago when I first gathered my enthusiasm for photography. The main website which is called Envato is made up of an ecosystem of websites built to help you get creative. There are three services included in this ecosystem starting from Envato Market where you can buy and sell digital products from videos, photos, themes, music, templates and other kinds of digital goods.

The next one is Envato Studio where designers/artists who freelance can post their services to people who need a digital touch. It has a wide variety of categories from Logo Design and Branding to Video and Animation. It’s easy to use in just four steps – first is finding the service you want, supplying the talent with the brief of your project, organize and manage the job online, and once the job is finished, you can then approve it.

As a photographer, the one you will be interested in is the Tuts+ service. Under this service are How-To Tutorials, Courses, and Ebooks. You will find tons of resources in this website but we are most likely concerned with the Photography side of things. To go directly to the photography side of things, click here. You can start exploring the hundreds of tutorials and how-to’s or you can enroll in a course for less than $10 or buy an eBook where there is only 2 at the moment.

5 Great Websites for New Photographers

Screen Grab from



The next one on the list is the website that helped me decide on which camera to buy. DPREVIEW or Digital Photography Review is definitely one of the best sites out there when it comes to digital camera reviews. They have the full details and technical specifications of any digital camera you could find out there. The best thing about their website is the option to compare products side by side. So if you are contemplating about which of the two cameras to buy, put their specs up on the screen for easy comparison.

To compare cameras side-by-side, on the menus on top, select Cameras and then on the next page that appears, type the name of the camera on the search box or scroll down through the list of available cameras. You can even compare up to 20 cameras at once. After selecting the two cameras, press the Compare button on the right.

For this example, I chose the Nikon D5500 (the one I have now) and a Canon EOS 750D. As you will see on the screenshot, you can really have a great view of the specs for each camera and review them easily to which one would fit your needs. It also shows the announce date which could tell you how recent the camera is especially if you’re into having the newest one out there because they’re usually the ones with the best and most recent specs compared to previous products. Click on the screen shot below to see more of the side-by-side comparison of the two cameras.

Note: You can also compare lenses side-by-side as well.

5 Great Websites for New Photographers, Comparing the D5500 and EOS 750D on

Comparing the D5500 and EOS 750D on


This next website is owned by a photographer couple named Chelsea and Tony Northrup. I first found out about this website through their YouTube page here. I was searching for a guide to using my Nikon D5500 that time and one of their tutorials came up. I didn’t like to read the manual (if you do, great job) so I watched their video maybe a couple of times and it got me to familiarize my self with my camera. I was then out and about shooting pictures after that.

I was so impressed with the training video on the Nikon D5500 that I started to explore their YouTube channel which also got me to their website. Before we discuss their website, let’s talk about their very useful YouTube videos first.

Ever got annoyed when some YouTube video titles are misleading you? Like they say that it is a how to for something but most of what they do is advertise their product or talk nonsense that the real essence of the video which is a how to is not there anymore. I’ve seen a YouTube channel where 4 minutes would be allotted to non-sense humor and the only 1 minute (which is not continuously played) is about the how to. That means if all you wanted was to learn something, you just wasted 4 minutes of your time.

The Tony Northrup YouTube channel is for the people who have a lot of things to do and has no time for non-sense. They give you what you want in the shortest time possible with their advertisement for their book in-between. They also advertise their book a lot in-between their videos but I guess they have the right to because their books are awesome.

If you are just starting out, I suggest you take a look at buying their book because you have many options around it. You can buy their book Stunning Digital Photography or bundle it with a book on LightroomPhotoshop, and a Photography Buying GuideYou can choose between a hard copy which is more expensive or you can have the ebook which has a big plus and that is it gets updated every time something new comes up.

The website is full of photography reading resources too as they feature content from the couple themselves or from other photographers as well so you get different view points.

Northrup website and youtube screengrab, 5 Great Websites for New Photographers

Screen Grab from Tony Northrup’s YouTube page and website.


I also found this next website through their YouTube page. I really liked this guy here because of the attitude he shows in his videos. He is funny but straight-to-the-point funny. He jokes and mocks around but he gets the job done and that is to give you cool tips and tricks in photography.

Mr. FroKnowsPhoto or Jared Polin is known for his Afro style hair. His logo is the one where there is a guy with an Afro with a fork-like comb on the top right of the logo. His YouTube page is very helpful to new photographers especially if you are one looking for humor as well. The channel itself is full of useful playlists which you can just go and watch for hours. The FroKnowsPhoto channel is under the name Jared Polin so don’t get confused.

Now, let’s go to the website Through the website, you can browse through his Shows, Collections, and Guides. His shows include 5 Min Portrait which is basically a guide on taking portraits or different kinds of shots but it’s not 5 minutes long. Most of them are more than half an hour but it tells you how to get the shots in a practical way. He shoots the photos themselves and shows how they will look at the same time. Other shows include Quick Tips, Real World Review, and Rapid Critique.

The thing that really held me to this website as a new photographer were the user guides he had and happily it included the Nikon D5500 which is the camera I have. It was a great way to learn how to use my new camera as I was beginning to know more about it. Check out the guides he has here.

Like every other famous photographer, he also has a store. He is famous for wearing different colored shirts and other accessories which says “I SHOOT RAW“.

froknowsphoto screengrab,, 5 Great Websites for New Photographers

Screen Grab from’s home page.


Fstoppers is a great website for new and advanced photographers. This website keeps up-to-date with the latest photography story out there from the most recently released camera to the newest tip on the block.

The tips and how-to’s they offer are very broad and enlightening. They have thousands of articles available for you to read your day away or you can stop by their store to check out their photography tutorials and accessories. They also have a huge community of photographers for those who are interested in becoming involved and share their photos. Your photo can also be featured on the front page if it’s that good.

One of the things you could also do on this website is to join groups. If you are new and you are somehow already interested in focusing on just one aspect/specialty in photography, then you could join one or multiple groups here that peak your interests.  Like me, I am interested in macro photography so it led me to join the macro group.

5 Great Websites for New Photographers,

Screengrab from’s home page.

I’ve read many articles and a handful of books and not all of them have the same concept. There are thousands of resources out there in the web and in your public library even about digital photography but it’s up for you to decide whichever suits your needs best. One can help you out greatly or others may just waste your time selling their products to you.

Always think of what they’re saying in their articles and books and don’t just believe in only one of them. You have to broaden your horizon and resources. One example of why this is what you should do is this – One of the photographers I was following said that you can change your DSLR lens without turning of the camera while the other said to turn it off while changing lens. The correct and safe way to do it is to turn the camera off when changing lenses because while the camera is on, static can affect camera sensor which in turn will attract dust or other particles.

Whether you’re new to photography or an amateur user, I hope these 5 Great Websites for New Photographers post helped you out.

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