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2 months 2 weeks ago

It was another amazing WordPress Meetup.

In this second meetup of the series Sajid Javed told about "what plugin you should develop? ".

Everybody shared theirs idea about plugins and explored WordPress more.

sister, poem

For my Sister on Her 23rd Birthday

sister, poem

For my Sister on Her 23rd Birthday


There was never a time when I would ever wonder

What if you were never born? We all knew when you came everybody was happier

There was never a time when I would ever ponder

Not having you as my Sister


A sister as thoughtful to me as you could ever be

Always supporting my whims and wishes to infinity

A sister as dear to me as you could always be

To love and to adore, you will always be family


Ever since we were young and life was all about having fun

You were there to make sure everybody was laughing a ton

Ever since you could walk, talk, and cling

Mother’s arm would be your sling


Our childhood would never be perfect without your presence

Sweeping everyone away with your innocence

Our childhood wouldn’t have been, wait for it, legendary

Every time we hear you sing like a canary


I was just kidding about the canary part

But you’re definitely a sister with a big heart

I could enumerate all things you did for me

But then I wouldn’t be able to finish this poem even at ninety-three


Ever since I met Kaye, you were always there to support me

Every time I had a surprise for her, I knew I could always count on your glee

The best surprises I ever did wouldn’t even be possible

Without your belief in our “sweedorable”


On your 23rd birthday, there are a lot of things I wish for you

One is that you find a love so deep and so true

On your 23rd birthday, I wish I could greet and hug you tightly

But I’ll be sending this poem to kiss you lightly


I wish you good health and an abundance of happiness

A joy so bright no one could turn it into darkness

I wish to see you be a great lawyer someday

Just don’t stress out a lot and not be okay


I love you my sweet little sister

Don’t you ever forget that I’m just here, your big brother

I will always protect you and keep you happy

If you get hurt or fall down, I’ll be there to keep you up my little sissy