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It was another amazing WordPress Meetup.

In this second meetup of the series Sajid Javed told about "what plugin you should develop? ".

Everybody shared theirs idea about plugins and explored WordPress more.

Snowfall, Cities Skylines Snowfall Features and Review

Cities: Skylines – Snowfall Features and Review

Snowfall Features and Review

Cities Skylines has only been out for almost a year now but the amount of updates and support the community has had from its developers has been outstanding. No gamer can ask for more than the full support of their favorite game’s developer – you complain, they listen.

Snowfall, Cities Skylines Snowfall Features and Review

A Reindeer walking in the snow.

Updates have been made possible and free in the past year. Paradox Interactive also released a new expansion to Cities Skylines last September 24, 2015 called After Dark. After Dark basically gives the game night time and a few changes to the AI behavior like the amount of cars on the street at night.

Now, they have released their second expansion to the game and called it Snowfall because it’s all about the snow, bout the snow, no snow ball. First impressions would give you excitement because who doesn’t love snow? Well, if you hate the cold then this game, this game can still be for you due to the heating pipes they’ve added into the game to provide heat to your residents. Speaking of heating pipes, it is just one of the many additions to the new expansion.

Snowfall Features (Paid Content)

Unlike the DLC’s EA sells you after every game, the Snowfall expansion is cheaper and full of quality content and features. To start off, snow falling on the ground equates to winter so a Winter theme was added. Northern lights are also visible now during the night sky in Winter Maps.

Speaking of Winter Maps, 3 were added – Snowy Coast, Icy Islands, and Frosty Rivers. They’re all good maps and trying them all out is definitely essential. I’m currently playing in Frosty Rivers and the whole map, when used with a mod that unlocks all 25 areas, is amazing.

This game was reviewed on a PC with the following specifications:

  • Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz 6-Core Processor
  • G.Skill Ripjaws Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR4-2400 Memory
  • Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 4GB WINDFORCE Video Card
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

With the 3 new winter maps comes winter parks and landmark buildings. Here are some in-game photos and description to show you.

Snowfall, Boiler Station

Boiler Station (Essential)

Snowfall, Cross-Country Skiing Park

Cross-Country Skiing Park

Snowfall, Curling Park

Curling Park

Snowfall, Firepit Park

Firepit Park

Snowfall, Four-Lane Road with Tram Tracks

Four-Lane Road with Tram Tracks (Essential)

Snowfall, Geothermal Heating Plant

Geothermal Heating Plant (Essential)

Snowfall, Ice Sculpture Park

Ice Sculpture Park

Snowfall, Road Maintenance Depot

Road Maintenance Depot (Essential)

Snowfall, Sauna


Snowfall, Skating Rink

Skating Rink

Snowfall, Ski Lodge

Ski Lodge

Snowfall, Sledding Hill

Sledding Hill

Snowfall, Snow Dump

Snow Dump (Essential)

Snowfall, Snowman Park

Snowman Park

Snowfall, Tram Depot

Tram Depot (Essential)

Snowfall, Water Pipe with Heating Pipes

Water Pipe with Heating Pipes (Essential)

There are a few essential structures in Cities:Skylines Snowfall and they include the Boiler Station, Geothermal Heating Plant (GHP), Water Pipe with Heating Pipes, Snow Dump, Road Maintenance Depot, Tram Depot, and Four Lane Road with Tram Tracks.

The Boiler Station uses fuel to heat the city so make sure it is near the highway or no traffic is blocking the supply of fuel to your Boiler Stations. Meanwhile, the Geothermal Heating Plant uses geothermal energy so you can place it anywhere because it doesn’t need external resources to operate. Once you’ve chosen which of the heating sources you’re going with (I prefer the GHP because you can just place them anywhere and not worry about fuel supply) make sure to connect them to your zones. The Boiler Station has a heating output of 120 MW while the GHP has 80 MW.

Snowfall,Boiler Station

Boiler Station

Snowfall, Geothermal Heating Plant

Geothermal Heating Plant

Now, we go to the road services for our city. The first one is the Snow Dump which basically shovels up snow from the roads and dumps it in a dump where it would melt over time. The other one is the Road Maintenance Depot whose main goal is to maintain your roads so cars can travel at a higher speed.

Snowfall,Road Maintenance Depot

Road Maintenance Depot

Snowfall,Snow Dump

Snow Dump

New Mode of Transportation – The Tram

A new mode of transportation has been added to the game due to public demand. The Tram is now available for you to get your city moving again and reduce those crazy drivers roaming around the city.

Snowfall,Tram and Tram Lines

Tram and Tram Lines

Snowfall,Tram Depot

Tram Depot

Speaking of public transport, a new Public Transport Info View has been added plus one for the economy panel as well.

Snowfall,Public Transport Info View

Public Transport Info View

Snowfall,Economy Panel Info View

Economy Panel Info View

Chirper can now be customized. You can now select which hat he wears at any time. There are also new tweets and new music and sound.

Snowfall, Chirper

The few hats Chirper can now wear. #fashionstatement

There are also new clothes for citizens because who doesn’t want to wear thick winter clothes outside during winter. Winter trees and winter props are also available. There’s also this new AI/animation where cars slow down on snow especially when the road hasn’t been maintained well.

winter clothes, snowfall, cities skylines

People wearing winter clothes and waiting for the tram to arrive.

With the freezing temperatures, the electricity and heat consumption is also affected. So better make sure your electricity and heating is at par with the snowy weather especially at night.

New loading images and tips are now available for people who get bored easily during loading times.

New Steam Achievements and New Policies

Snowfall,Steam Achievements

Steam Achievements

Snowfall,Anti Slip Studs

Anti Slip Studs

Snowfall,Extra Insulation

Extra Insulation

Snowfall,No Electricity For Heat

No Electricity For Heat

Snowfall,Only Electricity For Heat

Only Electricity For Heat

Snowfall,Studded tires

Studded tires

Snowfall Features (Free For All Players)

If you didn’t buy the expansion and still contemplating if you’d like one or not, here are the features you’ll get stuck with in the latest update.

You still get the expanded public transportation user interface which includes the new line details and visibility icons. This feature was already available before using a mod but never hurts to get it in playing vanilla. You can now sort the lines by name, vehicle count, passenger count or by number of stops, color, renaming, and day and night settings.

There’s also this new feature called the Theme Editor which lets you edit the theme of a map. It can be Tropical, European, or a Winter map. You can even edit the background or the skies to make it look more unique – different customization for day and night.

Snowfall,Theme Editor

Theme Editor

  • There’s also new Weather Effects now like rain and fog for non-winter maps.
  • Instead of 8 Steam Achievements, you’ll only have 5 in the free content.
  • Chirper variations are still here for free.
  • The thermometer at the bottom now shows current temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

There are other small additions to the game and a lot of fixes which you can view the complete list here.

To give you some more looks into the game, here are a few more screenshots.

Snowfall,Snowman Park

Snowman Park

Snowfall,Snowmobile Track

Snowmobile Track

Snowfall,The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree

Ice Hockey Arena,Snowfall

Ice Hockey Arena

Firepit Park,Snowfall

Firepit Park

Curling Park,Snowfall

Curling Park

Ice Hockey Rink,Snowfall

Ice Hockey Rink

Ice Sculpture Park,Snowfall

Ice Sculpture Park

Ski Lodge,Snowfall

Ski Lodge

Snowfall,Ski Resort

Ski Resort

Snowfall,Sledding Hill

Sledding Hill

Snowfall,Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride and Northern Lights in the sky

Cross-Country Skiing Park,Snowfall

Cross-Country Skiing Park

The Review

The additions in Snowfall are well thought of and not just something the developers made up just to add something to the game. I like the way the weather feels and the changes, making the game much more realistic in terms of its atmosphere. Now you feel more like you’re on earth.

Snowfall,Cities Skylines Snowfall Score

I would give snowfall a score of 88/100.

The new buildings are nice and add new functionality to the game. The new heating requirements definitely add more challenge as the new buildings not only cost money but the heating pipes are quite expensive as well compared to the plain water pipes. The parks add more beauty and happiness for your city and citizens.

I love the way the game changed how the cars would drive on snow compared to a well-maintained road without the snow. It just adds a little bit more realism but the speed without the help of mods still seem to be too fast for a natural look.

The public transport info panel added details are very nice and useful for those who are really into micro-managing their public transport system but a mod is still required if you want more advanced options like controlling the number of buses or trams for a certain line.

The new sounds and music are awesome and make you feel like you’re in winter wonderland especially when you’re doing a cinematic reel.

Overall, the Snowfall expansion does its job, adds new buildings, themes, and weather effects. But the people want more realism, they want more control (control freaks!) and they want to have more challenges. I know Colossal Order can do this, all we have to do is let them hear us and wait because as far as I am concerned, this game is far from over. This second expansion is just the beginning of something more awesome in the future.

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