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It was another amazing WordPress Meetup.

In this second meetup of the series Sajid Javed told about "what plugin you should develop? ".

Everybody shared theirs idea about plugins and explored WordPress more.

The Division Featured Image

Tom Clancy’s The Division Review

The Division is one of those games that you would call innovative. It is a new genre of game in a gaming world full of all kinds of games. It is definitely AAA and has one of the best graphics in a game I’ve seen so far. Let’s get right into the review.

The Division Story

Story, The Division, The Division Review

A good game would be never be great without an amazing story and The Division has one, although a bit predictable but still, it’s an interesting story. It’s very easy to understand how the story and campaign unfolds and one of the good things about this game is that you can choose how you read through the book.

You can choose which campaign mission you do first. The thing you’d want to consider though is that the missions are designed to be accomplished from the left side of the map going towards the right. My mistake was I moved towards the right side leaving the top and bottom left side of the map untouched. When I decided to finish the missions on the left, they were a breeze and was not much of a challenge making the experience a bit boring.

The only upside to what I did was that the missions on the right were more challenging and left me respawning many times more than you could imagine.


The gameplay has infinite possibilities if the developers continue to support the game and not just move on after a year of season passes. It’s a third person shooter mixed together with role playing. Remember playing an MMORPG where your have a character, you choose a specialty, you complete campaign and side missions, you collect item drops, and you kill bosses. That’s exactly what The Division is, just add third person shooter to it.

In The Division, you are in third person mode, carrying a gun with thousands of bullets you fit inside your average sized back-pack. Shooting enemies with this gun and not dying is your primary goal. The Division has this cover system where pressing a mapped button allows you to stick and hide behind cover. It is not new to shooter games as a lot of previous games I’ve played already has this. You pop out, shoot the enemies and hide again. That’s basically most of the routine you’ll be doing during fights but if you’re a bullet sponge, then you can just forget about cover shoot the hell out of everybody.

Cover Mode, The Division, The Division Review

The Division’s Cover Gameplay

There is also a crafting system in the game, just like the MMORPG’s out there right now. The Division has what you call Crafting Sources. These items are what you need to craft gears and weapons. You can have unlimited number of these items in your inventory and it will not affect your backpack’s capacity at all. These materials can be further combined to make high-end crafting materials which will give you the high-end weapons and gears you will need in the Dark Zone.

Crafting Sources, Snow Storm, Dark Zone, The Division, The Division Review

Crafting Sources

The Dark Zone

Dark Zone, The Division, The Division Review

The Dark Zone Map

The Division has this zone in the middle of the map called the Dark Zone where the meanest and the baddest bosses spawn. Fighting these bosses alone is equal to suicide. You need at least two other Division Agents to fight alongside you. Don’t get me wrong but one-on-one with a boss is relatively easy, they’re just like one of the enemy’s you see around you only with higher health. But it is the mob around these bosses that make killing them harder than it looks.

The Dark Zone is also a PVP area. You can just shoot at anybody player or NPC here but there are consequences to shooting and killing other players. Shooting one bullet randomly through another player won’t have consequences but keep doing it and you will become Rogue. Once you become a Rogue Agent, a timer will pop up on your head showing you how long it will take before the Rogue status is removed. Also, everybody near you will have an indicator on their minimap of your whereabouts and if you’re a lone Rogue agent, somebody might already be out to get you because killing you equals the biggest experience gain anybody could ever have in the Dark Zone.

The items you gather in the Dark Zone can not be used until you extract them through certain extraction areas inside the Dark Zone. There are 8 extraction areas scattered throughout the 6 zones and extracting your items will not be easy at all. NPC and other players can see once an extraction has been started and they can come in to kill you and extract the loot for themselves. That’s why you always have to be on the lookout when you’re in the Dark Zone. TRUST NOBODY in there!


The graphics in this game is by far the best one I have ever seen. It is not perfect but it has been well designed and thought of. The light is reactive and the shadows are responsive. You shoot a flare up the top and you can watch the buildings it passes through get illuminated. You can see walls covers get obliterated with the amount of bullets passing through them.

The details in this game are quite impressive. Even the smallest objects not even important in the game has their details up to point. You can’t complain when you see a book out of nowhere tell you all the details about it. It’s not essential but it’s in there, it’s been designed and you really get to appreciate it once you see them.

Don’t let me get started about the weather effects because they are freaking awesome. They have made the best simulation of snowfall and they are very detailed about it. For example you lose sight of objects far from you when there is a snow storm. These little things equate to how much work has gone into the graphics perspective of this game and makes you love the game more.

Snow Storm, Dark Zone, The Division, The Division Review

A Snow Storm impairing your vision of far objects

Sound Effects and Music

The quality of the sound effects and music in this game is AAA. Definitely not cheap sounding and it is as realistic as it can get. The music is also amazing because it really gets you into the mood of the action, making you feel a part of the whole game. The sound effects are on point once activated and they make the game more responsive especially if you’re wearing the best headphones available.

The Voice Chat system for me has been really good. A lot of people would still prefer Team Speak but personally, I can just stick with the games own voice chat. It can be button activated or it can be always on with Autotalk sensitivity triggered. It also has proximity chat meaning anybody around you can hear you once you start talking into the microphone. I have found this useful when looking for a squad in the Dark Zone. Helped me to easily find a squad although I have noticed most people I have encountered or played with don’t use their microphones or they don’t have one at all. They don’t even try the chat window. It’s like you’re playing with a computer.

I’m just saying this because voice chat is the best way for you to organize your moves and avoid getting flanked and killed because the AI in this game is not stupid, they can flank you especially the Elites.

Voice Chat, Crafting Sources, Snow Storm, Dark Zone, The Division, The Division Review

Voice Chat Options


This game I believe is far from finished. There is already a season pass available and with it comes three DLC’s announced to be released all within 2016. The end-game so far is all about farming the bosses and the daily missions from hard to challenging to receive Phoenix Credits. These credits are the lifeline of your agent because this is what you will primarily need to grab the best gear the game has to offer.

If the developers would say the game is finished at its current state then I wouldn’t buy this game. This game is amazing as it is now but it is an open book with expansions shooting out to all four corners of the map. I hope that the developers will not stop developing the game for the next five years or so because I think this game will be popular for the coming years.

Game Score, The Division, The Division Review

I would give this game a rating of 90. it’s really good but it’s just not yet finished. Get ready to shell out some money when the DLC’s start coming.

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