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Good news for the local WordPress community!
If you are in Islamabad - Rawalpindi then feel free to join the party.

My Angel's Wings, angel wings

My Angel’s Wings

My Angel's Wings, angel wings

A short poem for my wife on this year’s Valentine’s Day (2016)

My Angel’s Wings

People have always believed angels exist
They can come to you when there’s temptation to resist
People have always wondered why they have wings
Just one of the many why’s out of all the many things

It’s so nice to have one to guard and protect you
When you’re all alone and you have no one to turn to
It’s a great feeling to be saved by an angel
Especially in situations where you’re tempted by the devil

I’ve faced a lot of challenges and struggled
I didn’t know what to do, I needed to be cuddled
Then I saw this bright light emanating from the darkness
It made me stay calm and still amidst all the madness

I saw her face arise from the bright light
Lifting my spirits up through the darkest night
I never would have imagined I would be saved
From all these bad decisions and an early grave

I am so glad you are my angel
For you my dear make this all look so real
I am eternally in your debt
For saving me from any regret

You are full of life and joy
You make all the sadness in me coy
Sometimes I just can help it but to lose hope
Thankfully your angel wings give me the power to copeMy Angel's Wings, angel wings

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